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One of the earliest types of lobotomy/leucotomy in which burr holes are drilled in either side of the skull. An unidentified surgeon cuts dura mater away from an exposed brain.


From left to right: skin, epicranial aponeurosis, connective tissue, bone, dura mater, arachnoid mater, cerebral hemisphere covered by pia mater (meninges).


Pia Mater Dura Mater, Oil on canvas, 4’ x 6’, 2011, £2,750

Neurosurgery! what can we say about an open brain surgery that isn't impressive? The brain tissue here is fully exposed after surgically removing a bone flap (craniotomy) and the dura mater overlying the brain. Photo by @davidslopezp

Trepanning Migraine Relief

Skull that has gone through Trepanning (a surgical intervention in which a hole is drilled or scraped into the human skull, exposing the dura mater...) They did this for people who had headaches - probably a migraine sufferer.#aliens