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Actually, this happened with my halfling. And with two nat 20's the giant 15 ft tall fly was slaughtered by a 3ft tall halfling.

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16 Dungeons and Dragons cartoons

Well, she's a version of beauty IDEALS, but beauty IS subjective. Beauty ideals are nasty no matter what they are, because it will always tell someone they aren't beautiful. It's not good to act as if beauty ideals 100% = beauty. They also push the idea that beautiful is the most important thing a woman (most of the time) can be which is untrue. There are so many much more important qualities. :/

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Absolutely Glamorous Digital Pin-up Inspiration

Half-Elves: Character Creation - Page 2 - DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE®: Eberron Unlimited™ Forums


Only while playing D&D can you be called a whore and look into the other players eyes and go yes, yes I am and then continue to try to seduce people for information.... And you're a man.


[Free] Dungeon painter is a swift and easy to use flash application for mapping out dungeon and other environments right in your web browser. Output to JPG, PNG or PDF. Rach -- Check this out!


The Digit-al Dozen Does Geek Week: Dungeons and Dragons Dice Set