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Another D&D dungeon map, a bit smaller but it has more emphasis of combat strategy by use bigger spaces and separate rooms to make for some interesting close quarter battles


My first try cross hatching .. better :) Rpg Dungeon map ... thanks to dyson logo for his tutorial... rpg dungeon, keep map, by unknown user


Manor House

A whimsical battlemap I created for a fairy tale adventure with a not-so-happy ending. Black and white maps are always a fun challenge.


New Map Pack: The Low River

Time for some dungeon mapping. This map was created to be a drop in map for any set of dungeoneering adventurers. It was an exercise in designing fun terrain for a combat, without looking forced. There are multiple elevations, walls, a river, and a rickety bridge. So a good range of tactical options and cover for canny warriors. #dungeonmap