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Due Date Calculator Conception

Approx birth month. First month is the month they're conceived and the one beside it is the approximate month of birth, if they're born full term. Handy guide if you want to try to have a baby in a specific month.


Week 15 - Month 4 Fetal bones and muscles developing growing inside you over weeks months trimesters

Week 11 - Neurons multiply Month 3 Fetal development information weeks months trimesters

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69% of Women Told Us They Don't Know These 12 Ovulation Signs

10 Signs of Ovulation | Ovulation Calculator | Fertility Calculator & Accurate Predictions


Use our pregnancy calculator and Get information when was your conception date, when your NT ultrasound should be, your anatomy scan should be and your due date will be… enter the first day of your last menstrual period: Month/Day/Year (for example 05/22/2015) #pregnancycalculator

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This Calculator Knows When You Got Pregnant

This Calculator Knows When You Got Pregnant: Figuring Out When You Got Pregnant