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Duckduckgo Browser

"cost for assassins", "what is the thing people are hanged on", "what states are same sex marriage legal"


Tor switches to DuckDuckGo search results by default -


DuckDuckGo Coming To A Safari Browser Near You

Yesterday at the Apple WWDC, Apple announced quietly (actually, I don't even think they said it...

There's a new Sheriff in town ... and he's fixin' to correct some trackin' problems, partner


DuckDuckGo il browser che tutela la privacy Il rischio più rilevante nella navigazione su internet è la violazione della privacy degli utenti che navigano. Ci sono alcuni metodi che aiutano a tutelarla, e una di questi è il browser DuckDuckGo #duckduckgo #browser #internet

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DuckDuckGo Is The Default Search Engine In New Adblock Browser

DuckDuckGo Is The Default Search Engine In New Adblock Browser In addition to being the default Adblock browser, the privacy search engine says it will sign the "Acceptable Ads Manifesto."

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Designing an alternative search engine

••SE 2016: Quant!•• French start-up becomes european initiative: 60 people competes w/ Google / Bing / Y • innovation: sim to DuckDuckGo: No tracking (targeted ads) / Security / Privacy • product 2: Qwant Jr: kid browser: not exposed to adult / violent / commercial content • co-founder Éric Léandri • 2013 launch lacked clarity / appeal • challenge: ubiquity of top 3 se • solution: unlike sim boring look: Trust / friendliness / humanity...thru: trends / live view / / inner search

DuckDuckGo is one of the search services wrapped up in the FastestChrome browser extension from the Chrome Webstore: #searchengines #privacy #google #duckduckgo