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37 Free DIY Duck House / Coop Plans & Ideas that You Can Easily Build

Do you want to build a duck house or coop for your new ducks? Here are 37 of the best free DIY duck house plans we've collected from all over the net.

duck coops | You're Viewing : Naburn Duck House, hinged door to act as a ramp!

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In pictures: Must-have duck houses for every budget

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Our perfect duck house! One week after work project. My grandpa's old cow watering tub made it just right.

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Classic Duck House | Waterfowl Houses | Poultry Equipment

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One day we will own some lovely Indian Runner Ducks and a gorgeous little duck house. There are some fantastic products to choose from on the Flyte So Fancy website. Quack, QUACK!

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In pictures: Must-have duck houses for every budget

In pictures: Must-have duck houses for every budget | Environment | The Guardian

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Another awesome idea for the duck houses! (Hubby has a think for whiskey barrels anyway...)

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Duck keeping for beginners

Ducks are the comedians of the poultry world. All that you need to start keeping ducks is enough space for them to dabble and preen, a pond with access to a simple duck house and a run to protect them from predators. Some breeds of duck lay a large number of eggs, their droppings will turn your compost into top-grade fertiliser, while their slug hunting prowess is legendary.

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Good for summer....I'd have to put a water heater in for winter....

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