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Duck Billed Platypus

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Eungella Platypus

SPOT PLATYPUS IN THE WILD Shy, elusive, easily frightened and creatures of dawn and dusk, the Platypus is notorious for being nearly impossible to spot in the wild. We stay at Broken River Mountain Resort, situated on the bank of Broken River it is the place to stay for ultimate access to the Platypus.

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This ridiculous creature.

When the first platypus was shipped to Britain from Australia, people thought it was a joke and that someone had sewn a duck's bill to a mammal's body. Even when accepted as real, it was thought to be a bird or a reptile as it laid eggs. : Awwducational


Yabber, the chattering Duck-Billed Platypus who has the gift of the gab - whatever the situation, he'll talk his way out of it.


Duckbill Platypus I love these animals - As an Aussie and a writer, I remember seeing them as a kid. I even have a grouchy one in my new PB , "Oscar is Different--but he wears glasses!!

from Mail Online

It's a bird, it's a beaver.... actually the duck-billed platypus is neither as scientists decode its DNA for the first time

Platypus! One of only 2 mammals in the world that lay eggs. The other is the echidna, also an Australian native.