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Duck Billed Platypus

from Schattige Foto's

This ridiculous creature.

BABY PLATYPUS Source of this rare baby platypus picture is unknown, but I assume it was born at a zoo. The platypus is a duck-billed Australian mammal that lays eggs. the species has baffled zoologists for ages, and was initially thought to be a hoax. via Frans de Waals - Public Page FB

from ScienceDaily

Platypus Genome Explains Animal's Peculiar Features; Holds Clues To Evolution Of Mammals

from Mail Online

It's a bird, it's a beaver.... actually the duck-billed platypus is neither as scientists decode its DNA for the first time

Platypus! One of only 2 mammals in the world that lay eggs. The other is the echidna, also an Australian native.

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Community Post: 15 Adorable Photos Of "Puggles" (Baby Platypuses)

cute and deadly...Platypus:Male Platypus' ankle spurs produce a venom powerful enough to kill small animals,..not lethal to humans but very painful..may become incapacitated...