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Vent Pipe Flaring Tool by Daryl Digger -- A few weeks ago I had a lot of trouble assembling 4" aluminum dryer vent sections. Not anymore. A metal vase is shown with a 4" diameter dryer vent section. It (or something similar) does a good job of preparing the pipe ends for assembly. Just press with some force the female end over the vase and the male end into the vase. It rounds things nicely and removes some of the imperfections that interfere with assembly of the pipe sections. It...


My attempt at dryer vent pipe pumpkins - cut vent pipe in to short sections, Fastened together using paper clips, spray painted orange and let dry over night, mod podged a paper towel roll with green imagines found in old magazines let dry and cut to stem length and glued a popsicle stick inside and pinched at top used paper clips to hold in place until dry put a rod down the middle to stabilize and decorated in an topiary pot... Not as hard as it may sound in fact very easy... Dmarie

Recessed the dryer vent pipe into the wall and put a nice trim frame around it. Now the dryer sits flush against the wall!


Deflecto 4" Diameter Dryer Vent Draft Blocker from The 4" Diameter Dryer Vent Draft Blocker is excellent for any vent. The vent draft blocker helps prevent cold air from entering home through clothes dryer vent. The dryer vent draft blocker easily attaches to vent pipe and clothes dryer duct.

Dundas Jafine DB4ZW Dryer Vent Draft Blocker by Dundas Jafine. $6.96. DB4ZW. Kit Components. Dundas Jafine. Prevents cold air from entering the house through the clothes dryer. Flap opens when dryer starts, then flap closes when dryer stops. To install, slide ducting over draft blocker collar and attach with a clamp (clamp not included). Press other end of draft blocker into aluminum vent pipe as a friction fit. Made of durable plastic. Retail bag.

[$43.04 save 24%] Duct Foil 110244 4Inch 50Foot Aluminum Polyester Dryer Vent Hose pipe