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Water Lint Trap From a 5 Gallon Bucket for All Seasons

Vent your electric dryer indoors during the winter to save on electricity (no cold outside air entering dryer to replace the vented air), and gas (heat is released into the house). WARNING: Electric dryers in dry climates only! (The steam released into the air is great in Utah, but will foster mold in more humid places.)

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How to Clean the Dryer Lint Trap - Page 2 of 2

How to clean the dryer lint trap. Easy to do and takes less than 30 minutes. Will increase dryer efficiency and get your clothes dry on the first cycle.

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How to Properly Clean a Dryer Lint Trap

One simple step to making your clothes dryer work faster and more efficiently is to do a better job of cleaning its lint trap. Running your dryer with a cleaner lint screen will reduce your utility bill and extend the machine's life. It will also make your home safer -- according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, clothes dryers are...

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How to clean your dryer's lint trap

Cleaning your dryer's lint trap is SO IMPORTANT! This tutorial is super quick and easy to follow! Please check it out!

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9 Ways to Be Earth Friendly at the Laundromat

9 Ways to Be Earth Friendly at the Laundromat: Clean the Dryer Lint Trap

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Dryer Lint Trap: Cleaning

Do-It-Yourself Danielle: Dryer Lint Trap: Cleaning We had to take apart our dryer to get out something that dropped into the lint trap... fun times but I think we may do this more regularly in the future.