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It's a rough day when you realize your sarcasm and dry humor is so advanced people just think you're an asshole... | Thinking Of You Ecard

from An Upturned Soul

Confessions of a Capricorn

People rarely understand the dry sarcastic humor of a Capricorn. But those who do, will find them hilarious. #Capricorn #quote

from The Glamorous Housewife

Dear Diary

That's me: lawn gnome doppleganger, friend of man and animal, dry-as-a-bone and twice as morbid sense of humor....

from Etsy

Funny Illustrated Piece of Me Birthday Card

You want a piece of me? For the person with a dry sense of humor or a Robert DeNiro lover, this card with attitude will certainly cause a giggle.


Here. You dropped this. It's your sense of humor. You lost it when you picked up that giant bag of how important your opinion is.