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Drug Use Quotes

Its SidneY... Im really lost right now... And afraid. And... I don't know if anyone even cares or not.... But Im done. Done trying to be hapy because all people do is hurt me.

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Is he too old? - Is he too old?

Pg. 111 "Everyone in the crew had a specific job..." This relates to the part in the book where Wes had first entered the drug dealing game. There were many different roles. Wes thought that some positions were worse than others. Wes was only the look out he didn't actually get to see the drugs. So he thought what he was doing wasn't that bad. Little did he know every little part is considered the worst. Wes could still get locked up then, he just wouldn't be charged as badly as others.

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Teach your students about the four different types of bullying

Bullying is a global issue ranging from physical to cyber (online). Throughout recent years others have become more accepting of one another, even though bullying still exists it is not so much frequent as it used to be. For example now there are campaigns raising more awareness of bullying. One film example of bullying that can be seen is in Back to the Future, the bullying can be seen taking place whilst Marty visits the different decades of time.


Above all, when I was sinking to the riverbed in my galoshes by guzzledrinking,and being used by drugs as a getaway car for insanity, the one thing I most certainly did not want to be, was alive and aware, in the present moment. Today, that is my highest goal, my daily Golden Goal.


“God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds by using time and pressure. He is working on you too.” - Rick Warren.