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Dangerous drug interactions- everyone should ask their pharmacist if they have any concern about any interactions. Sometimes pharmacists don't have a list of everything a patient takes, especially over-the-counter medicine.


Holy Basil (not the same as the common seasoning) is the natural counterpart to…


Nigella sativa (black seed) seed oil kills up to 89% of lung cancer cells. It is a powerful herb used for 1,000's of years in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Unani & Arabic medicine. Its potent anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties. Black seed taken daily can decrease insulin resistance helping type 2 diabetes. Thymoquinone, found in the seed, is superior for asthma issues & can protect brain tissue from radiation-induced nitrosative stress.

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Asthma Attack Without an Inhaler: 9 Potential Lifesavers

Asthma Attack Without An Inhaler: 9 Steps That Could Save Your Life I have asthma and this really helped

Relapse: Phases and Warning Signs - this makes me think of mental health problems in general, not just substance abuse

Relapse: Phases and Warning Signs - this makes me think of mental health problems in general, not just substance abuse


Loved that part. People really shouldn't be cocooned in bubble wrap. Ends up being louder, anyway. :)

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Essential Oil Deals & Finds {diffusers, cases, rollerballs, bottles, jars and more essential oil accessories

If you take prescriptions or over the counter medicine, you need this. -- In this ebook a R.N. lists the over 700 prescription drug and over the counter medication interactions with essential oils. This is a great resource to have on-hand. Helpful to know about possible drug interactions with essential oils.

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Check Medications to Prevent Dangerous Drug Interactions

drug interactions

The Smallest Drugs Here is the updated version of the "smallest drugs" collection that I did the other day. Here are the criteria I used: the molecular weight cutoff was set, arbitrarily, at aspirin's 180. I excluded the inhaled anaesthetics, only allowing things that are oils or solids in their form of use. As a small-molecule organic chemist, I only allowed organic compounds - lithium and so on are for another category


Apixaban Drug Interaction Potential | Anticoagulation Services