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Obama becomes the first sitting president to visit Laos

Obama becomes the first sitting president to visit Laos 50 years after America's horrific nine-year bombing campaign where an explosive was dropped every eight minutes | Daily Mail Online

Cap bombs: You unscrewed the tip, placed a small exploding cap inside, and dropped the rocket on to a hard surface. My brother had these.


On this day 13th September, 1940 Buckingham Palace was bombed during the Blitz, on 16 separate occasions bombs were dropped on the palace, nine of which were direct hits ( Photo:Bomb damage outside Buckingham Palace, September 1940)

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Achy Muscles Bath Bomb, Aromatherapy Bath Bomb, 1 All Natural Bath Bomb Fizzy

Achy Muscles Bath Bomb Aromatherapy Bath Bomb 1 by UrbanSoapsmith


1930 Bentley Meteor with a Rolls-Royce 27-ltre Meteor Engine. Which, to be Technically Correct, isn’t from a Spitfire, the Meteor was the Un-Supercharged Version and was used in Tanks

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The sun had fallen out of the sky

The design shows the moment the US B-29 bomber Enola Gay drops the Little Boy bomb

!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!! And he makes a joke about how wolverine can sing. Or that professor x was a captain in Star Trek <-- i genuinely don't know whether i prefer this one or the one where steve is the one to use it


BRITISH AIRCRAFT PILOTS hand dropped the first bombs until the introduction of the bomb rack on the fighters and the giant bombers.