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Drivers License Office

A standard practice in the Lee County, Alabama, driver’s license office is to…

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Community Post: The 25 Best Michael Scott Quotes

Micheal Scott quote from The Office


Voter ID and driver's license office closures black-out Alabama's Black Belt

Twenty-nine counties now have no place where you can get a driver's license. OR REGISTER TO VOTE! (that's the whole point...)

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Inbound Marketing Challenge: How to Implement Inbound with No Budget

Overcoming Inbound Marketing Challenges - What if I have no budget? via @scalablesocial


Go Ahead and Try Us. We Dare You...wish we could do this at the driver license office

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Top Wordpress Plugins (the not so obvious list)

@beyjess12 // Here are some suggestions for Wordpress plugins that aren't always so obvious.

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Safe Driving Phone Apps For Teen Drivers #BetterMoments

Has your child recently gotten their driving license? Here are some Safe Driving Phone Apps for new teen drivers should have. #BetterMoments


"It's working in Oregon. It should ALREADY be working in America but the GOP knows that the young, the poor, the students, the minorities, the really old who don't have driver's licenses or whose birth certificates have been lost, those are the people that would vote them right out of office, out the front door and onto the street."


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