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Router bits will help you cut rounded edges, V-shaped grooves, round-bottom grooves, and plenty more. These 10 bits will help any DIYer get the most out of a versatile power tool.

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Materials: 1 - bicycle chain......yes a bicycle chain, you'll seee what's for. 1 - copper sheet 1 - 15mm MDF board (20 x 20 cm will do) 1 - 3mm MDF board (20 x 20 cm will do) ( not on the pics) 1 CD tube case And also some tools such as: Bicicle chain tool Drill 4 mm drillbit 130 mm Holesaw 75 mm Holesaw Table saw or router table, or router, or dremel. A blowtorch Soldering wire and paste scissors A visegrip (recommended) A Vise You will also need a template file wich you can download...

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