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Tamil Alphabet (Dravidian language spoken mainly in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka), descended from Brahmi script

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National Geographic Traveler Magazine: 2013 Photo Contest

INDIA | Freiwilligenarbeit im Ausland | Praktika im Ausland | Sprachkurse | Roadtrips uvm. | Volunteer Work | Internships | Language Courses |

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“Palm leaf manuscripts (Tamil: ஓலைச் சுவடி) are manuscripts made out of dried palm leaves.

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"Dravidian Languages in India"; y-DNA Haplogroup T is also found amongst Dravidian people. They share genetic similarities to those East African groups which carry the y-DNA T genes. Hindu Kush & African Kush are ‘cousins’ to each other.

The name 'Bhil' is derived from the word villu or billu, which according to the Dravidian language is known as Bow. The name Bhil is also finds mentioned in the great epic called Mahabharata and Ramayana. The Bhil women offered ber to Lord Rama, when he was wandering through the jungles of Dhandaka, searching Sita.

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the Brahui Language (An Old Dravidian Language Spoken In Parts of Baluchistan And Sind), 2 Vols. Set

India | Portrait from Kutch, a remote desert area in far western Gujarat State | © Michael Sheridan

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