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Earth science…

Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales It's almost time for Dragon Tales. Come along, take my hand, Let's all go to Dragon Land. WOO!


23 Struggles Kids Today Will Never Know Or Understand

I watched all of these!! What is the second one on the top though cuz I know I have seen it but what is it called omg


19 Reminders Why Max And Emmy From "Dragon Tales" Were The Coolest

No one remembers this show! I LOVED THIS SHOW :) idk where this fits in but i used to loved this show


Me and my baby brother watches dragon tales on Netflix. I grew up watching it and now he gets to watch it (:


Dragon Tales - I loved this show! I guess nobody ever got suspicious that the two kids were always in their room. TV's neglected kids have all the fun - Rugrats, Dragon Tales, Timmy Turner...