Skyrim inspired Dragon priest mask handmade replica with free worldwide shipping

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FULL SET of 10 Dragon Priest Masks polymer by meanwhilebacklash, $900.00. Omgggggg I'm nerding out. If I only had a spare $900.00...

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Konahrik ( in Dragon Language) is one of nine powerful dragon priest masks found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Its name means "Warlord" in the Dragon language. Unlike the others, it is the only one without an associated dragon priest. The mask also has the highest base armor rating of all nine.

Skyrim: Dragon Priest/Mask V.2 by UnknownSoldier9865 on deviantART - I eventually found and fought for all of these, but I never wore them. Wish there had been a stand of some sort to display them. They are very neat looking!

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Skyrim - Dragon priest mask by Doku-Sama on DeviantArt

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Apophysis Dragon Priest Masks WiP A great mod for some nice, refreshing textures on (I believe) all Dragon Priest masks!

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