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Portfolio of the Week - Belinda Ivey

Dragon Boat, by Belinda Ivey My old sport! Perhaps I'll do it again sometime...

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10 Principles of Dragon Boat Teamwork

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To those whose Dragon Boat season is at a end, and to those whose season keeps going! #Dragon #Boat #Dragonboat

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Paddles UP Dragon Boat paddle boat Necklace with paddle charm and aqua blue crystal

Paddles UP Dragon Boat paddle boat Necklace with by 3littlegems


Colorfull Dragon boats ~ human-powered watercrafts. Traditionally handcrafted, in the Pearl River delta region of southern China - Guangdong Province


The DB paddle stroke: A good break-down! Unlike canoeing and kayaking, Dragon boating utilizes a special "forward stroke" technique, where all paddling takes place ahead of the paddler's spine. This technique is comprised of at least 4 motions. Historical note: Canoeing and kayaking are only a few hundred years old, while dragon boat paddling is 2000 years old.

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30 Thoughts Every Dragon Boater Has Before The Race

The paddling season just passed by so quickly. Let's repeat that for emphasis: Each paddling season passes by oh-so-quickly! You’ll be surprised that you’re actually down to your final two or three races for the year. After weeks and months of practice with your team, there comes the judgement weekend—Dragon Boat Race weekend! And then,…


Dragon Boat Makes Me Happy. You? Not So Much