Sidony is a player-controlled protagonist in Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer. Raised in secret in Nevarra by a Mortalitasi mage, Sidony was brought up to revel in her magical abilities. She feels no kinship with mages who do not share her pride, and she has little but disdain for most other people. Sidony's only goal is to uncover her true potential as a mage, so she hungers for magical knowledge. When news of The Breach reached her, she headed directly to see it for herself, h...

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BioWare | Dragon Age III: Inquisition I.Can't.Wait. Beyond excited. Hoping they take the best from 1 & 2, instead of simply building from 2!

Ancora dettagli e immagini per Dragon Age: Inquisition, spiegato il level cap - News PC, PS4, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE

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Dragon Age: Inquisition New Screenshots Show off The Hinterlands and Redcliffe - Lightning Gaming News

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