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Dr. Who - 9th Doctor Quote Poster

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David Tennant says an emotional farewell to Doctor Who as Matt Smith steps into the Tardis

Yeah, heart of stone and it brought a River down my cheeks. Funny how real life doesn't do that, but a series like Doctor Who can. Never have worked that out. If I had counted every tear I cried for ten, I would be able to water a Rose or two. Who doesn't cry when ten is sad??

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Doctor Who fun fact Harry Potter @Jenny Relaford and @Markee Speyer Speyer Speyer Hebden have you two seen this? I feel like it would make you smile ;)

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There are no words for how amazing this seriously. AMAZING. Do you knowwwww what this is?!?! It's a Gallifreyan fob watch!! My life=made

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...Or to make it even more confusing the doctor's daughter who played the doctor's daughter and is also the doctor's wife who went to school with the doctor's daughter going back in time to flirt with King Arthur, who just so happens to have a manservant/sorcerer best friend who once took a journey with the doctor on a ship over a planet called Midnight

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Relive Doctor Who's speech for peace: is this Peter Capaldi's greatest moment as the Doctor?

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The History of Dr Who Companions... all sorts of stats and facts from the legendary BBC TV series.

All the Doctor Who companions: See amazing infographic as Karen Gillan quits as Amy Pond

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