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Originial cast of Star Trek - back row : George Takei (Sulu) ... Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) ... James Doohan,"Scotty" front row : Walter Koenig, (Chekov) ... DeForest Kelley (Dr. "Bones" McCoy) ... William Shatner (Capt. James T. Kirk) ... Leonard Nemoy (Mr. Spock) -

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Grumpy McCoy- I love that Karl Urban is getting more noticed by the public but that means i'll have more competition.....

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Star Trek - Keep Calm and be Logical repinned by … More

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Star Trek - Spock by *caldwellart on deviantART. One of the best jobs of casting I have ever seen.

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Bones is the sassiest Vulcan translator in the universe. Ugh I remember this episode. I was not prepared or the sobbing that ensued.

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This is really hilarious !! Capt.Steve T.Kirk & Dr.Bucky McCoy !! Brilliant !! XDD

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NO, HE IS A RIDER OF ROHAN!! <---- totally <--- I seriously can't see him in any other way.....

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