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Dr Sebi Cleanse


Morning Detox tea recipes for healthy body and glowing skin

Detox is the best way to cleanse our system completely. Our body collects a whole lot of toxins, thanks to junk food, water, unhygienic food, fat etc. Eliminating the toxins from our body has never been so easy, a drink daily can literally make us beautiful not only from within but on the outside as well. So if you want to have a glowing skin and healthy body then I will tell you a few detox recipes, out of which you can select your favorite one and include it in your daily life. So the deal…

ELECTRIC FOODS “To heal it isn’t necessary to understand the scientific aspect of it but you must understand the herb that correspond with the disease that is manifesting… And what we found that there is nothing on the planet that assimilates and could be of usefulness save that substance is electrical and the only electric substance on the planet is a natural plant!” - Dr. Sebi #eattolivenottodie

from CureJoy

7 Alkaline Foods That Fight Cancer, Pain, Gout, Diabetes and Heart Disease

The 7 most Alkaline foods - When you eat alkaline foods, your body tends to emulsify fat (takes big fat and turns it into little fat) making it easier for the body to further digest and eliminate. Great time to start Alkaline Lifestyle - Make a lifestyle change today and start feeling and looking better with SevenPoint2 -


From Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide. Visit the post for more.