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He looked totally unconvincing the moment I saw him on TV. Both hair and beard do not look right. The government cover up is told by an actor, playing Dr Paul Robertson - a character created for the show his character is a former scientist from the NOAA and head of the investigation into the existence of mermaids. Also the interview with a German fisherman gave it away, speaking in an accent not familiar to Germany, and the German spoken was broken and not correct.


Animal Planet's Imaginary Dr. Paul Robertson And "NOAA Fisheries Dept" Probably Found An Ama, Not A Mermaid. [Once again - these are mock-umentaries or fake documentaries. Why are there so many people that refuse to even read or think independently? Scary in America.]

Real Mermaid Body Found | Biologist Dr. Paul Robertson returned with what appeared to be brand ...


[ANOTHER INTERNET HOAX - FAKE DOCUMENTARY] Mermaids Are Just As Real As Dr. Paul Robertson (Who Doesn’t Truly Exist). everything broadcasted in these “documentaries” was just as fake as the man named Dr. Paul Robertson who doesn’t truly exist. The man who did the interview and was in the “documentary” Mermaids: The Body Found was really an actor by the name of Andre Weideman. Andre has been in other movies. He is not a member of NOAA, and has not worked as a scientist.

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The Last Waltz (1978)

The Last Waltz. Directed by Martin Scorsese. Starring The Band.

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Terminally ill violinist claims to know what the afterlife is like after surviving 17 near-death experiences

A VIOLINIST who survived 17 near-death experiences claims to have seen the afterlife whilst he was in a coma. Paul Robertson, a celebrated violinist, died of heart disease on July 27 this year, but…

Paul Robertson — Gravity Falls animations

After a lot of inventions made by scientists, NASA has also joined hands to test their Hybrid Plane, which works like a Toyota Prius. Science is doing latest inventions and Guinness Book of World Records is being more healthy day by day. After the ERO Robots and Latest Satellite System, the NASA has also tested their news project that is Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA). NASA has made a Hybrid Plane which makes low noise and consume a little amount of fuel. This plane is amazing and environment friendly like Toyota Prius Hybrid Car.