Oz's website lists 1 cup grapefruit juice (100% juice not grapefruit juice cocktail or any pineapple alternative) and 2 TBSP (tablespoons not teaspoons!!) apple cider vinegar. The 1 tsp of honey is optional and added only if it's too tart for you. It's suggested to drink before every meal. For more info and to see the benefits of this drink, see Swimsuit Slim Down Plan tip #1 on the Dr Oz website link on this page.

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Did you know? Dr. Oz and The Dr. Oz Show DO NOT endorse any products featured on the show. If you see products with Dr. Oz's image or the show’s logo being used to sell any products, he's asked people to let him know. Don't purchase anything that has his picture and endorsement because he doesn't endorse products - period.

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Anti-aging checklist - Dr. Oz/Oprah: http://static.oprah.com/download/pdfs/health/oz/oz_antiaging_checklist.pdf

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Inspirational Quotes and Pictures - Beautiful Thoughts, Inspirational, Motivational, Success, Friendship, Positive Thinking, Attitude, Trust, Perseverance, Persistence, Relationship, Purpose of Life - Part 3

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3 Day Dr. Oz Detox Cleanse for Skinny Hips and Fast Lips http://www.lynneknowlton.com/3-day-dr-oz-detox-cleanse/

Mangosteen This sweet, tropical fruit originally from Indonesia has made its way onto supermarket shelves in the United States. Hidden inside a thick purple rind that you cut open, is a white, creamy flesh full of vitamins A and C as well as cancer-fighting antioxidants. If you can't find the fruit, the juice of the mangosteen, which is more widely available, is the next best thing. This is also available in tea form

Dr Oz 2-Week Diet: List of Low Glycemic Vegetables + Low Sodium Broth - June 14, 2014 from Recapo

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