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Who downloaded sounds good feels good yet? My fav is broken home or permanent vacation


Luke hemmings you hot hunk of man! You need to stop this! I can't handle it!


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so luke and artichoke were making out at the halsey concert last night :))))))


Looking at it’s seems the presenter misunderstood Luke 9:1 as he seems to believe it would apply to Kirk Franklin; however all of us who have eyes that see and ears that hear, as I believe the presenter does, know very well this Bible verse does not apply to Kirk Franklin. Consequently, Kirk speaks the devil’s words for the LORD has “not” given him power or authority over anything. Read to see to LORD'S…

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Community Post: 10 Expanded Universe Characters That Need To Be In "Star Wars VII"

"The Dark Lady of the Sith." Shira Elan Colla Brie. At the same time Vader was training her she was undergoing training as one of the Emperor's Hand, Force trained Assassins. After the defeat on Vader and Palpatine at the Battle of Endor she swore vengence on Luke. Lumiya was finally decapitated by Luke who utilized a dual wield of standard and short blade to negate the benefit of her lightwhip.

Things to know: The book is set in the UK, and therefore has some British terms that an American reader may not be familiar with. With that said, I'm American and had no issues. It's still English, after all. So don't be scared. Actually, do. Because this book will creep you out. I know a giant stone statue doesn't sound scary (unless maybe you're a Doctor Who fan), but trust me. It gets CREEPY. Genre(s): Sci-fi, horror, thriller