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Dr. Jean has released a new song and video on youtube for teachers and parents to enjoy. You learn on your feet, not on your seat! When children move, dance, and wiggle, more senses are activated and the message is more likely to get to the brain. Music and movement also emit endorphins which make you happy. These activities are great for cardio...


(Alphabet video with phonetic and movement, it is a 3 minutes songs to be used to revise alphabet and at the same time learn new vocabulary and do some movement). AGE 3+

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SURFIN' AROUND TODAY? - Dr. Jean & Friends Blog


Dr. Jean Feldman & Friends Blog - Songs, Music, Activities & Downloads


Dr. Jean supports teachers and learning in many ways. The Rules Rap is a favorite with many teachers as it helps at the beginning of the year to get off to a...

Fabulous way to count to 100 {Macarena Count to 100} Dr. Jean! Check it out!


Dr. Jean's Today Is Sunday: Fun Song about Days of the Week including Today is Sunday - YouTube


Hello Friends.. greet neighbor, boogie on down, jump, turn around