Homemade Natural Downy Unstopables Recipe for Laundry Scent Booster and Odor Removal

Downy UnStoppables in wash scent booster- Really does keep clothing fresh longer. I won't do laundry without them!

I put these in my candle warmer maybe 30 minutes ago and my entire house smells like clean laundry. So fresh and so much better than anything I have bought just to make the house smell good!!!

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Downy Unstoppables in wax burner. House smells like fresh laundry!

TRIED IT~~~~Downy unstoppable bottles for storage. Didn't get this idea from a blog but from having and endless supply of empty bottles and goods that needed to be stored. I have been using these bottles for storing arts and crafts stuff like, marbles, pom poms, popsicle sticks and sensory play things such as sand and rice.

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Buy mesh bags from dollar store and fill with downy unstoppables then place in linen closet for fresh smelling towels and sheets all the time!

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