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Whenever we need to travel or get somewhere, We can take our longboards and let down our hair. It may not be the fastest or safest or ways, But it'll be our brightest and funnest of days. So the next time you think about getting a car, or bus or train and it's not too far, Just remember that the shine always shines, On those on longboards, Carving sweet lines.


The Bustin Sportster Pro Longboard Complete is designed for Freeride, Sliding, Downhill and Cruising. Ships fully assembled and ready to skate! Function: Freeride, Sliding, Downhill, Cruising Features: Fully Symmetrical, Drop Through, Concave, Rocker, Wheel Cutouts Material: ThremoCarbon Construction, Maple Ply Length: 37.5" Width: 10" Wheelbase: 29.5" Thickness: 1/2" Hole Pattern: New School, Old School Grip: Black