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Keira & Her Corsets

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"Be careful, Isa," I implored her, "You only get one chance." "One is all I need." She drew back the arrow slowly, fixing her eyes on the glass window of the stone castle. "I'm no little girl." "I know." I gazed at her, longing for some glimpse of the friend I used to admire so greatly. But all I saw was steely determination, and a fierceness that war had burned into her.

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The Arrow symbolizes sin. The Hebrew word for sin literally refers to missing the "gold" at the center of a target, but hitting the target, i.e. error. Another interpretation would be projection (the psychological term).


Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, a type of Morris Dance. The Horn Dance takes place in Staffordshire, England on Wakes Monday which is after Wakes Sunday, the first Sunday after 4 September.


the mad hatter. they really did go mad from the lead in the paint and the materials they used... very sad.


"Oh come on," he said, rolling his head over to look at me. "The dark side isn't so bad." "Um. Are you sure? Cause it sure seems a little...dark." I scooted away from him a fraction before I could stop myself. A small, sinister smirk crept on to his face. "Oh, sweetheart. No need to be frightened." His voice dropped to a low whisper as he leaned in uncomfortably close. "I'll protect you." ((Credit to Kay Booth))