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Dow Jones Index Live

Beautiful, sober interior with restrained colour and material palette. The Hoperfield Avenue house by Dow Jones Architects.


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In this live stock market education video on AAPL we'll cover the $10 late day breakout on shares of Apple Computer "Stock Alert" how to trade headline news. Shares of Apple exploded to the upside after the release and the call side jumped to for huge profits.


An innovative plan to put people back to work in the US uses unemployment money as a subsidy to create new jobs. In 2010, philanthropist Gene Epstein promised $1,000 to charity if a company hired just one person. Since then he has put over 100,000 people back to work with this plan, but wants to take it further. Watch the report courtesy of

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High Street Car Park

The news: The Dow Jones hit all-time highs and closed above 19,000 yesterday. The question: Will it start falling or continue to rise? The choice: You can #trade #binaryoptions here: Live life like a Boss

600px-black_monday_dow_jones-svg 1987 stock market crash.

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Trader pleads guilty to sparking stock market 'Flash Crash'

If you were trading on an American stock market on May you probably had a minor heart attack: the "Flash Crash" that day sent the Dow Jones Industria...