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Dow Jones Close Today

from BBC News

Global dividend income hits new record of $1.167 trillion

A trader works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange during the afternoon of February 13, 2015 in New York City. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 18,000 points for the first time in market history


$FB has continued its slide on Nasdaw, settling at $31 per share, that’s down nearly 18.5% on its initial price. Biggest loser today is Burberry, falling 5.1% – investors may be worried by the economic slowdown in emerging markets such as China. FTSE 100 Index has opened down 61 points, or around 1.2%, CAC was down 1.4% at 3041 and the DAX down 1.3% at 6353. The Dow Jones closed at a just over 1.5 points loss at 12502

05/09 Dow Jones turns bullish again. The index reversed to a bullish mode and yesterday saw a failure to break above the high. This causes a difficult trading situation as now the Dow Jones would need to either break above 13095 to move higher or if the index trades sharply lower today and creates another bearish trend bar then once again the opportunity arises for the bears to take over. It is also important for the bears to keep the index below 13060 on a closing basis.

from Mail Online

Dow opens 1,000 points down, briefly recovers, then drops again

Dow opens 1,000 points down, briefly recovers, then drops again #DailyMail | These are just some of the stories. Come see the rest

#Uganda shilling and global #market report - September 9 2016 #MoneySense #Stock #Invest The Uganda shilling is moving into the right direction and how wonderful it feels. It closed at 3390 on the US dollar 4499 on the British pound 3808 on the Euro 50.67 on the Rupee 33.49 on the Kenyan shilling 2598 on the Canadian dollar 2557 on the Australian dollar and 1.55 on the Tanzania shilling. The shilling now has its resistance at 3375 on the US dollar and its support at 4000. These are close…


Dow Jones: Why did the index retrace from 16850.00 today?