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Dover Demon

The Dover Demon is a cryptid sighted on three separate occasions during a 25-hour period in Dover, Massachusetts in April of 1977. It has been a subject of interest for cryptozoologists ever since. It was first seen by three 17 year old boys who were driving through the area when it was illuminated by their headlights crawling along a wall. Bill Bartlett reported that at first he thought it was a dog or a cat, but upon closer inspection realized it was a bizarre, unearthly-looking…


Dover Demon sightings of Massachusetts. For two nights in the 1970s, this strange creature was lurking around the town of Dover. Seen by a handful of people, it haunts us to this day!

Paige: We are creating a new character and new lore; and want our character to represent Lucifer. We all agreed that our new character should have horns but remain attractive; although I much prefer a more scary-looking beast. I like the colour scheme and costume of the woman in the picture.