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prototype of mouse designed by Bill English from Engelbarts sketches COMPUTER

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Did You Know the First Computer Mouse Was Wooden? Here's the Story of the Mouse of Douglas Engelbart

Doug Engelbart: More than Just the Man Behind the Mouse

Douglas Engelbart’s Unfinished Revolution The pioneering Doug Engelbart invented things that transformed computing, but he also intended them to transform humans. - Doug Engelbart knew that his obituaries would laud him as “Inventor of the Mouse.” I can see him smiling wistfully, ironically, at the thought. The mouse was such a small part of what Engelbart invented.

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Douglas Engelbart (1925 - 2013) Uitvinder van de computermuis

Watch Douglas Engelbart Give The Greatest Presentation In History

Watch Douglas Engelbart Give The Greatest Presentation In History. Building future.

Douglas Engelbart's Workstation 1966 - Keyset, keyboard, monitor, mouse

Computing UI visionary Douglas Engelbart passes away at age 88

The computing world lost one of its great minds and true pioneers yesterday. Douglas Engelbart passed away at age just over a half-century after he joined...

The Mother of All Demos, presented by Douglas Engelbart (1968)

Mozilla's Mitchell Baker on Being the Alternative to Microsoft, Google and Apple | Internet Hall of Fame