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Douglas Dc 4

A famous photo of the Douglas family... Douglas DC-7, DC-6, DC-4, DC-3 with the upright tail!

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City of Fairbanks

Pan Am's DC-4 and Santa, in Fairbanks Alaska, December 1946. #DC-4 #Pan Am…

C-47 DAKOTA. Build by Douglas Aircraft. By the end of the war, the C‑47 had carried 22 million tons of goods, and flown 67 million passenger‑miles. The airliner’s DC‑3s under the Air Transport Command logged on the average, 15‑19 hours a day in the air.


United Air Lines Douglas DC-4E (NC18100) California, 1939. The DC-4E was designed to have twice the capacity of the DC-3 with a range of 2200 miles. Provision was made for pressurisation, but was not fitted. The prototype first flew on 7 June 1938. After testing, it was handed over to United in 1939 for airline trials, but was deemed to be too large and complex for airline demand of the day. The small upper windows were to illuminate sleeping accomodation.


Pacific Western Airlines DC-4 at Edmonton City Centre Airport Photo by gordon hunter from Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Forest service Super DC-3 - A turboprop powered version of the classic 1930s DC-3 airliner | Douglas Aircraft Company | Nellis Air Force Base "Aviation Nation" Airshow

'The Last Time' DC-3 Gathering at Whiteside Airport, Rock Falls, Illinois | image © Tyson V. Ringinger