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Double Knock Out® Rose Maintenance

The complete care guide for Double Knockout Roses, including how to plant, how to maintain them and how to prune.


Double Knock out roses - the least demanding rose ever. Blooms like crazy all summer long, no deadheading required. Fills up a flower bed. Plant 3 feet apart, prune in spring to keep bush size under control. Planted in full sun. Plant with blue salvia, daisies, and dianthus. I planted a climber - purple jackmanii at the base of each plant to let it grow up and through the branches in the hopes it will twine onto the deck.

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How To Plant Double Knockout Roses

How To Plant Double Knockout Roses: Double Knockout Roses do exceptionally well in North Texas. They are tolerant of the hot, dry conditions, and with the right soil preparation, will be outstanding growers and bloomers.

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Double Knock Out® Rose Maintenance

Double Knockout Roses probably sound familiar to you because ever since they were introduced in 2000 they spread like wildfire all over the country. They spread faster throughout neighborhoods than chicken pox in a kindergarten…

Knockout Rose and Salvia. I love this color combo and my yard has the heat for Salvia.

Pink Double KnockOut Rose, Creme Brule Coreopsis, Peachie's Pick Stokes Aster Collection. Thrives with Coneflowers, Sedums, & Tickseed. // Just a beautifully combined collection of flower colors in this grouping. Love the periwinkle blue Asters!!