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Beer Taxonomy #infographic

[Infographic] Beer Taxonomy | There are dozens upon dozens of different styles of beer out there, from pale ales to stouts to bocks. But you don't have to taste the whole rainbow to find your favorites (well unless you really want to). This taxonomy of most of the world's major beer styles will help you put your favorite cold ones into context. Start in the center and see where each style of beer falls.


14th January 2013 ~ #DailyPint 14: Pint of London Pride. Oh the irony! 7/10 [Drank in The Churchill, Manhattan, New York]


Rochester Mills Newton's ALEchemy Double IPA AROMA: Orange, pineapple and slight grassy aroma. Some lemon coughdrop. APPEARANCE: Bright orange hue over a murky body. CO2 and sediment visible. Large, white, froth with great lacing. FLAVOR: Hops impart OJ concentrate flavor, especially on the finish. Palette has a strong yeasty flavor; slightly sulfury and phenolic. There’s a spicy/peppery taste that lingers (and is rather gross). Nowhere near as bitter as the style should be; seems inc...

Modus Mandarina India Pale Ale Big mandarina aroma dominates anything else you might smell. Super juicy flavors, again full of orange flavors. Sweet at the start though that is met with plenty of hoppy goodness alongside some sharp orange rind bitterness. Hints of pine, lightly spicy too, dry at the finish. However, to recap, this is orange IPA gone wild! Orange juicy, orange rind, orange hops, orange can, orange color. Very good beer (yes, I love oranges and manadarinas), though... [more]

Brew By Numbers – 55|03 Double IPA