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Amy, it's penny. Lenard bought a dinning room table, yeah Sheldon's breaking up with you.

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Outnumbered. - outnumbered Fan Art. Bad thing that I havnt grown out of the stage of thinking everything is a weapon, I'm 14

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Hmm... Shave every other week, or period every month... Choices. If you ever get the chance to watch outnumbered - WATCH IT!!! its amazing - plus nearly everything is improvised which makes it even more brilliant

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Wednesday Minions (10:52:06 AM, Wednesday 13, January 2016 PST) - 10 pics

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Write your name in elvish in 10 minutes. If this is right it's cool.

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"He's fleetingly obsessive," says drummer George Daniel of Healy. "He'll turn up with a video camera and projector: 'Look, I'm making a film.' 'Yeah, all right.' Two weeks later, he's lost the camera charger and he's forgotten about it. That's what makes him great when he's focusing on his work. He's either all the way on or all the way off."

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