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Upgrade sliding glass doors to these folding doors:


The TITAN Steel Door makes a perfect Steel Front or Back Door, or any type of Steel Door.


A nice small pair of rim lock brass bun handles. Basic type with multi-hole spindle suitable for 12 different combined door/lock thicknesses from 3.5cm - 7cm. Good quality thick brass. In good condition with some very minor surface character. No dings, dents or other damage.

this type of craftmanship and will to do so was abandoned long time ago...pity


Antique Rim Lock~ This ornate antique metal rim lock (or lock box) is one of the earliest types of door locks made in America. The lock is fastened to the face of the door, so the beautiful scrolls on its surface are visible.

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The INFJ Front Door

The INFJ Front Door. INFJ Cartoon from INFJ is the most rare of all personality types, representing less than 1% of the world population.


8- lock: The oldest preserved door locks we have ever found belong to the ancient Egyptians and date back to at least 2000 B.C. It’s believed, but not proven, that they existed even earlier than that. What separates the Egyptian lock from later inventions is the fact that the whole thing was made out of wood, the key included. In fact, the basic idea for a lock—the pin tumbler—is still the most common type used today. There was one minor difference between their keys and ours though: Theirs…

Small muscle activities- These activities require a lot of use of the fingers and small muscles of the hand. The activities pictured are padlocks with keys, nuts and bolts, boxes with lids, jars with screw top lids, different types of door locks, and bolts to remove with a tool.

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