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Thoughts From Irene: Grave Predictions: by Drew Ford (Editor), Harlan E...

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Breathtaking Landscape Inspiration #2

Concept Art, Mattepaintings And Illustrations By Andree Wallin


Be Prepared for anything really. It is nt just these DoomsDay predictions. It is the simpler more devastating things you should also consider. However these things are a great way to prepare for the more mundane events.

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Oops! 11 Failed Doomsday Predictions

Astronomers recently discovered a new asteroid as it passed surprisingly close to the earth this week. The asteroid was dubbed 2012 KT42 and passed a mere 14,000 km above the planet’s surface. That was close enough to cause damage to some satellites, but no damage occurred.

Al Gore, the bloated, hypocritical, mega- millionaire predicted the North Pole ice caps may be completely melted by 2013 due to global warming. Like most all of this gas bubble's doomsday predictions... he was wrong! Thank God for the Supreme Courts Florida decision back in the 2000 Presidential election. Click pic to join the conversation on FB

Great infographic showing the top ten doomsday scenarios of 2013 as voted on by the people!

Great infographic showing the top ten doomsday scenarios of 2013 as voted on by the people!


Paul Ryan's Doomsday Prediction for Senate Is Delightfully Progressive: Bernie Could Gain Key Senate Seat - The Ring of Fire Network

Doomsday, 1999, by Paul MacTyre, uncredited cover


This photograph of Halley's Comet was taken January 13,1986, by James W. Young, resident astronomer of JPL's Table Mountain Observatory in the San Bernardino Mountains, using the 24-inch reflective telescope. Streaks caused by the exposure time are stars in the constellation Aquarius. Visible in the photo are the coma of gases and about 725,000 kilometers (450,000 miles) of the charged ion tail.