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Donuts Chart Exploration

probably doesn't make sense, not sure how we would use this. looks pretty tho huh?

Data Infographic Flat Elements for PowerPoint


The 2014 Restaurant Industry in the UK. Infographic What is it with those donut charts? And if you use htem, at least try to get your percentages correct. And where is the Y-axis on your bar chart? One more thing, designers seem to think it's a great idea to use a pyamid in a stacked chart situation. The top section becomes so small it make it look like a minescule part of the whole.


Smart Charts v1.0 Use Smart Charts to style your infografics or business grafics in simple ways. Smart Charts features the most common chart types like bar charts, pie charts, line charts, dotted line charts, field charts or donut charts. - free download


Variant of a donut chart using segment thickness in addition to arc length, which enhances segment-to-segment comparisons.

The Mobile Web Is Dead, It's All About Apps

April 1. 2014 by Jay Yarow on Business Insider: "The Mobile Web Is Dead, It's All About Apps." Chart of the day apps mobile web