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Donations For Syrian Refugees

from The Independent

Corbyn: Cameron is failing in his duty as a human being over inadequate response to refugee crisis

'Britain has granted asylum to less than 300 Syrian refugees since the start of 2014 - an embarrassing number compared to Germany, where up to 800,000 refugees are expected to be registered this year alone .. "The government's response to the refugee crisis has been wholly inadequate, and we are being shamed by our European neighbours. It is our duty under UN law, but also as human beings, to offer a place of safety, and play a role internationally to share our responsibilities ..


Charity cash 'going to Syrian terror groups'

Charity millions 'going to Syrian terror groups' - Telegraph = People giving money to help millions of refugees from the civil war in Syria are inadvertently supporting terrorism. the charity watchdog warned.

from The Independent

5 practical ways you can help refugees, starting today

Five practical ways you can help refugees trying to find safety in Europe - Europe - World - The Independent

from Mail Online

Never-before-seen pictures of Britain's first female special agent sho

Donate to help Syrian refugees in need.

Mothers in Banchory are taking in donations for refugee families

2 year old Amina washes her hands in a camp for Syrian refugees in Iraq Credit: © UNICEF/NYHQ2012-0879/Abdulmunem

Mattress Appeal for Syrian Refugees - Donate £12.

Patrick Ness fundraising page for the Syrian refugee crisis.