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So God this is so accurate.People are impressionable and accept the impressions that the media imprints on them in a split second!They know nothing and they Judge like they know the world,like they are aware.They are nothing but blind and stupid and get offended when this is pointed out. Go and read the Quran; where does it ask you to kill, rape and exploit children and women. Where does it ask us to kill or even eat the flesh of our brothers. Yes you! You'd better get your facts…


Facebook Twitter Google+ UPDATED: 306 Donald Trump This wasn’t a squeaker, this wasn’t even close. It was a blowout. That’s a whole lot of deplorables. The voiceless had their day. Today, America is great again. #AGA Source: NY Times. All states: The Washington Post eats crow: Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States...

from The Independent

Even Nasa scientists are trying to convince Donald Trump that climate change is real

Crooked Donnie's Greed is more Important than the Planets Future!! 'Global warming doesn’t care about the election': Nasa scientist warns Donald Trump over interference | The Independent

Steve Bannon Lays Out His AMAZING Political Philosophy

Brexit. Seriously, are people so xenophobic they'd do this kind of stuff to themselves just to avoid immigration?


Sheep follow blindly...just don't be one of the sheep. It really is that simple. So goes our low information voters in America...