Domestic Partnership | One woman shares her political, financial, and romantic reasons for NOT getting married.

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The firm provides payment plans and free consultations. Legal team goal is to provide proficient economical legal assistance in family law matters in California, such as alimony/spousal support, child custody & support, division of property, modifications, collaborative law, mediation, divorce, domestic partnership dissolution, domestic violence, paternity, juvenile law, pre-nuptial, marriage annulment legal separation and other legal matters. Call now for your Free Consultation…

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Stiles: One of the sexiest beasts to roam the Earth. Has the personality of the boy-next-door while lacking the expert flirting. Almost always has a plan. Best friend is a true alpha werewolf. In a domestic partnership with Derek. Wants Lydia, crushing on Cora. Witty, sarcastic, and occasionally on the slow side. Is attractive to gay guys everywhere.

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Separate is NOT equal. Anytime someone tells you that LGBT people should only seek civil unions or domestic partnerships (like here in Oregon), remind them of this. We want full marriage equality, which includes the use of the term 'marriage'.

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Wyoming, USA: After Rejecting Marriage Equality, Legislature Rejects Domestic Partnerships Too

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If you are in a domestic partnership and have decided to separate, our attorneys can help you. Give us a call at (310) 546-5858.

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