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Dolphin Habitat

Jumping for joy: The dolphins which don’t stop playing even when the sun goes down

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Animals seeming to have a good laugh

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Beast friends: The dolphins who became mates with a liger cub (that's a cross between a lion and a tiger)

The curious liger cub who struck up an unlikely friendship with dolphins

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Food Art

We were always taught not to play with our food, but how can you not be inspired to fiddle with your discarded tangerine skin when there is food art like this around? Granted, some of these are high on the tack-factor scale and probably helped along with a little heavy photoshopping and super-gluing – but... tell me more!

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Stop Whale Hunting. Seriously. it must stop. Watching The Cove seriously messed me up with the dolphin slaughtering in Taiji.. #messedup

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GSD-Monty. If my pup ever met a dolphin he'd probably go for a swim with them not be all calm and curious like this sweet baby.

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Svalbard, Norway (Svalbard is a remote place, situated between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole)

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