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A Veterinary Guide to Tear Stains... clean twice a day with contact solution and skip the DIY internet suggestions.


How to Remove Tear Stains on a Bichon Frise

How to Remove Tear Stains on a Bichon Frise (with Pictures) | eHow


How to Remove Tear Stains on a Bichon Frise

Known for a gentle, playful disposition and a wealth of snow white fur, the Bichon Frise is a favorite among hobbyists and pet owners alike. Although these dogs bring boundless energy and companionship, they also require plenty of grooming. One major grooming trouble for Bichons is tear stains. These unsightly red stains on white fur can detract...


This post is an overview on dog tear stains remover products. We delve into how to get rid of stains on a white dog face and puppies naturally and how to clean them off.

Tears stains are common in light colored dogs, mainly because they are more visible. The stains may still be occurring in dark colored dogs, you just can't see them.

What tear stain removal methods work best? Find out which medications work great for removing dog tear stains.

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Getting Rid of Tear Stains

Understanding What Your #Dog Is Telling You: Does that wagging tail really mean that he’s happy? According to Petplan Pet Insurance VP of Veterinary Services Dr. Jules Benson, “A lot of slow tail wagging is exploratory and often a sign of ‘I’m excited or scared,’ while lateral movements are a sign of indecision. Bouncing up and down? That’s a happy tail.”

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Here is a quick and easy natural eye stain remedy. **Before bathing** Mix one teaspoon of each of the following: - Milk of magnesia - Corn Starch