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Dog paw print pattern. Use the printable outline for crafts, creating stencils, scrapbooking, and more. Free PDF template to download and print at


Many of us use some sort of scheduling tool, like a Daytimer, to plan our hectic days and nights. This plan helps us to establish a routine and to get all the important tasks done. Dogs don't need reminders about picking up the laundry or going to Little


Protecting Your Dog's Paws All Year 'Round

Your dog's paws are just one important way they see the world. Just as humans learn by touching an object, your dog picks up important information about the world from their paws. This is why it's so important to keep your dog's sensitive paws clean, healthy and protected, throughout the whole year!

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After two applications of the paw balm. 2 T. olive oil, 2 T. coconut oil, 1.5 T shea butter, & 2 T. beeswax (small pellets work best for melting and measuring) In a microwave safe small container, combine the 4 ingredients. Heat in 30 second increments, s


Nail Art Paw Print Dog Lead Holder

Do you want to have a dog that can fetch, stay, roll over, plus many other tricks? If having a well-trained dog is your goal, but you don't have the time to wor


A simple recipe for Homemade Paw Balm, to protect your pet's paws from snow, salt, ice and even hot concrete. Only five all-natural ingredients.


active-pup: “ Did you know that Vaseline is good for your dogs paw pads. It’s like lotion on our feet. Plus, they don’t even try to lick it off really, maybe because there’s not much of an odor. Happy...


5 Common Dog Phobias and How to Work with Them

As vulnerable as a human foot, paws need to be taken care of and pampered. An owner wouldn’t walk across a hot parking lot or a snow covered field without the proper protection on their feet. A paw pad needs …


31 Beautiful Dog Tattoos Every Dog Lover Will Appreciate