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Dog Paw Pads

from Wet Nose

Paw - Pads

Does your dog slip and slide on your hardwood or tile floors? Help protect your sweet pooch from potential injury with these Paw-Pads non-slip traction pads. Veterinarian recommended Paw-Pads provide much needed traction for dogs on slippery floors such as hardwood, tile, marble and other slick surfaces. Unlike doggie boots, shoes and rubber socks, your dog won’t even know she has anything on her feet.

from Woof Woof Mama

Musher's Secret Year-Round Paw Protection $11 ($34 reg) + Free Shipping

Musher’s Secret Year-Round Paw Protection from sand, ice, salt, hot pavement & more

from Good Dogs & Co.

DIY Paw Wax & Nose Conditioner For Dogs

Make your own DIY paw wax and nose conditioner. Does your dog have dry or cracked paw pads? This wax will help keep their paws nice and soft!

from Proud Dog Mom

Dog Paw Care: Tips For Year Round Safety

Dog Paw Care: Tips For Year Round Safety | Dog Health Tips | Dog Grooming Tips |


5 Common Dog Phobias and How to Work with Them

As vulnerable as a human foot, paws need to be taken care of and pampered. An owner wouldn’t walk across a hot parking lot or a snow covered field without the proper protection on their feet. A paw pad needs …

from The Dodo

Loyal Rescue Bird Always Flies Back To Her Humans

This amazing story shows you that we might be underestimating many animals ability to love.

Many of us use some sort of scheduling tool, like a Daytimer, to plan our hectic days and nights. This plan helps us to establish a routine and to get all the important tasks done. Dogs don't need reminders about picking up the laundry or going to Little


Have your pooch's paws ready to face the elements with this DIY Pup Paw Cream!