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outside dog kennels | ... you can really appreciate how these two kennels fit into the garden

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8 smart and stylish outdoor storage solutions

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Appropriate! It's better than having "beware of the dog" outside the shelter.

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Our cosy den is a perfect way to create a permanent cosy area for babies and toddlers outside. A separate cover is available for wet weather.

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Digging dog? Create a sandbox just for his digging! I like the idea of the short wall surrounding to keep the sand IN the sandbox!

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Shed with extended roof for outdoor storage--pretty smart and a great place to store bikes.

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Greyfriars Cemetery. Agreed by many to be the most haunted cemetery in the entire world....scratches, faintings, people getting horribly sick...something very dark is said to be there...sometimes paramedics stand outside the gates once tours are going on...

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