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A Day Without Dog Hair, Dog Owners, Pet Lovers, Wall Decor, Pet Decor, Veterinarian Gifts, Groomer Decor, Christmas Gifts

A Day Without Dog Hair, Dog Owners, Pet Lovers, Wall Decor, Unique Gifts


Dog grooming salon ideas- my mom has been a dog groomer for over 35 years. I wish I could get her a shop of her own.


-repinned- Step by step Asian inspired dog grooming.


Whatever your groomer is charging, is worth paying instead of grooming your pet yourself. Not only is it safer for a professional to groom your pet. It is usually less stressful for you and the pet. Also any clipper worth buying will cost atleast as much if not more than it would cost to pay a professional. And don't forget the maintenance to keep your equipment sharp. And best of all your dog will look great.

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Nail Art Paw Print Dog Lead Holder

Nail Art Paw Print Dog Lead Holder Out of wine corks?


My cheap solution for holding up sitters and strugglers on the table: pool noodle cut in half and a slip lead attached to a swivel snap hook. I tied a loop in the lead to make it shorter. This works great and keeps the dogs from getting rope burn on their belly.(Not mine but previous pinners :) )


Coat length chart. You can make your own. Get some fux fur at hobby type store. Shave with your 4f, 5f, 7f, 10f, and write down the coat length. You can use any color of faux fur. Then just mount or glue onto a poster board. Make sure you truly get the length right. I went over the faux fur by backcombing just like I do when grooming♥ P.S. charts sell for 25.00.